Fuck Bacon

This is how you can tell BaconFest SA, SAPPO, and pig abusers to go jump in a volcano.

1. Get up to speed on how intensive pig farming works

Don’t take our word for it. Get out there and and look at the finer details on “industry standard” pig farming. If you still want to be a bacon warrior, then at least you have armed yourself with facts for the next time an annoying vegan challenges you. Here’s where you can start:

2. Don’t support BaconFest SA

You wouldn’t support the Deep Fried Kitten Festival or the Maim that Horse Festival, would you?  So then don’t support a festival dedicated to animal torture.  

3. Stop abusing pigs. Don’t eat bacon

Don’t worry, it’s possible to lead a happy and fulfilled life without bacon. Millions of people across the world live successful and rewarding lives without abusing pigs, you can too. If you are battling with a bacon addiction, reach out for help. There is hope. We promise.

4. Write to SAPPO

Tell The South African Pork Producers Organisation (SAPPO) to put an end to sow stalls / gestation crates and farrowing crates immediately. No excuses and soppy stories about how it ‘hurts profits’ or how they are ‘keeping the pigs safe. Tell them abusing pigs sucks. Here are some letters to inspire you.

5. Write to the sponsors of BaconFest

Tell them not to sponsor cruelty.

6. Help local organisations

Join one of the many existing campaigns run by local organisations. Ask them how you can help.

Be nice to pigs. Eat something else.